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tax prep faq

Please note: we are limiting face-to-face contact at this time. There are two reasons for this:​

  • Social distancing is still the safest way to reduce transmission of coronavirus (particularly as we move into flu season)

  • We are temporarily working out of my home office until our new office is completed.

I always come in for my tax appointment! What will I do?!
There are lots of options! 

  • Drop off your documents.

    • We have a locking mailbox (anytime) or

    • We’ll come out and get your documents from you at your car (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm). 

  • Mail your documents. We have a MailBoss, which is this cool large locking mailbox

  • Upload your documents. As you know, we have a client portal set up for you that is extremely user-friendly. You can even use your phone to take pictures and upload documents if you don’t have a scanner.

How will I sign my return?

  • We can set you up to sign your e-file forms electronically through your client portal. You get an email with a signature request from TaxDome. This does require identity verification for each signer, which is simply answering a few questions before the signature page appears.

  • You can also print the signature documents from your client portal, sign them, and return them via upload to the portal or mail. 

  • You can swing by and sign your forms at your car. Just call ahead so we know to expect you.

How can I access a copy of my taxes?
All of your tax information is available in your client portal and you can download it any time. Contact us for assistance with this, or if you have a special circumstance that needs to be addressed.

How will I pay you?
We use your bank info to debit your account with your signed authorization, or email you a link to make the payment yourself if necessary. 

Our entire workflow is here.

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