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PHONE: (916) 486-4429

My practice is built on simple ideas: accessibility, expertise, and open communication. ​
I am absolutely passionate about technology and believe that change is critical to positive growth. I welcome new ideas and knowledge. There is nothing more rewarding than collaborating with a client to 
create better processes and achieve the results they desire.

In my experience, people don’t just want a firm, they want an advisor. With this in mind, I custom-tailor my services to suit each client's specific needs and perform all professional-level work myself.  

Please feel free to contact me; I look forward to working with you.

Olivia Henley, EA   CEO


​​​1900 Point West Way, Ste. 274Sacramento, CA 95815   Phone: 916.486.4429   Fax: 916.352.6931   taxes@numberqueen.com​​

Strategic Partners 

While we maintain our own independent businesses, working together allows us the

opportunity to provide a wider range of services to our clients.

We share a common business philosophy and high ethical standards. Our goal is to

support one another and guide you towards financial success.

Number Queen Staff

Olivia Henley

Emma Schnierle 
Senior Bookkeeper, Payroll Administrator

Haili Ford-Harris