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setting up online access to your tax accounts

We strongly urge you to set up online access to each of your tax accounts, federal (IRS) and state.

At a time when it can be extremely difficult to get in touch with these agencies, it is vital to have online access to be able to see your records. It also enables us to request access through you to your records electronically, skipping the often weeks-long process of doing it by mail.

You should also look at other states you have tax business with and set those up as well.

Click here for IRS
Click the blue button “Sign in to your Online Account”. Their system is incredibly easy to get set up with. This system is for individuals only.

Each taxpayer should have their own account, even if they are married.

Click here for California FTB

California is a two step process. Once you set up your login, they mail you a code that you log back in with to verify your identity.

If you have a business, you should set up access to that as well as your individual account. Each account must use a different email address.

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