• Engagement Agreement (mandatory)
    • Click here to answer the questions and sign our agreement electronically.

  • Printable personalized organizer or checklist based on your prior year return (optional)​
    • Your organizer will be in your client portal under "Firm docs shared with client" --> "2021" on 01/10/22.

    • If you’d like one but don’t have one at the link above, just let us know!

  • Provide all of your tax documents:
  • Schedule a review appointment.
    • Please allow at least 7 days from the date you provide your tax documents for me to assemble a draft of the return. 

    • We use the review appointment to ask for missing information and discuss follow-up questions. 

    • It is helpful for you to have access to a computer and your passwords during the appointment. This enables you to obtain any missing info during that time.

  • Completion!
    • We'll finalize the return and upload your client copy to your client portal, along with your electronic signature documents and our invoice.

    • We will e-file your return upon receipt of payment for services and your signed Form 8879s. ​

Office update: our new office is in the framing stage! We expect to complete it in late February and move into it after the 04/15 deadline. We will continue to work from my home until then. Please use our locking mailbox or call to arrange any drop offs or pick ups as we did last year.